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Hilary’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 May 2011

MapSUNDAY 15th May.
Mass this morning. Confess to leaving before the last hymn as Mass was already 70 minutes long. Gaie was picking me up as family were all arriving for lunch. Home for coffee and when all were assembled we went for a long walk ( as if I need any encouragement to eat) Coolish and the papers are saying the summer has ended. Seems April was the best month.
The lunch was lovely and mussells dish went down well as did Gaies Chicken dish and salad.
Tomorrow we plan to stay put as have to sort out clothes for Morocco and we are limited to take on baggage. Thought I'd get away with light clothes but Tracy tells me we need to have something warm to put on at night as it gets cold.Whatever, we will be travelling light. Fly from Bristol Airport and the trip is about 2and a half hours long. Hotel looks nice from the photos.
Just hope and pray there are no incidents while there. Mind you, one could be in a supermarket and get beheaded...........What an awful story that was .
So, thats it really.......for now and probably nothing until our return 21st May.