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Hilary’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 May 2011

MapMonday 16th May. At home day today. Walked to the village ( township) before lunch. Posted some mail and had a cup of tea at Waitroses and bought the paper to tackle the x word. Then the dreaded packing.Only taking small carry on bag to Morocco so had to think carefully about what to pack. Could be tempted to buy the odd top or two over there.
Reading up on the place and it sounds so nice and can only hope there will be no disturbances. The IRA have issed new threats so London is on alert anyway.Where is anyone safe these days? DEAL. Completely different foremat. Strange. The audience HAVE to wear black!! It is not nearly as enjoyable as the Aussie version we watch ( well some of us have better things to do)
Gaie knew someone who actually appeared on thre show and gave her the inside info. It is filmed in Bristol.
Well, may not get to add until return from Morocco. Arrive back very late on 21st so will be at least 22nd before I get to write.
Take care ...........