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Hilary’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Its been full on here and I'm now packed up and ready to take Train to London midday.
Been to Winchester for the day Tuesday and picked up Gaies friend who is Swedish and lives in Spain. She was over for a few days and spent 2 nights with us here.A film producer who has a son who now does the same work.She preodused Pippi Longstockings for those of you old enough to remember that TV programme. I know our girls watched it as little ones.She has worked along with her son on Casino Royale the re make of the James Bond movie.Such an interesting woman. We have had a meal out each night she's been here and talked way past closing time, and then continues once we've returned home so late nights aplenty.
Back to Winchester.a lovely city and the cathedral is beautiful. The Beatles wrote a song about it and i've been humming it since I visited.
Had lunch in an unusual cafe and ate Parsnip and Honey soup. Never heard of the combination but it was lovely.
The volcanic ash seems to not be a problem according to this mornings' news. Bit fickle as it will depend on the wind .
May not get the chance to add more. Arrive home afternoon of 3rd June.
Take care all