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kelstar’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Apr 2008

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapWell the day is finally here! Months of speculating whether it would happen or not is past us! and well honestly, we have no idea what will happen when we arrive. I guess that is what makes travelling so exciting....Lets hope we get thru customs, thanks to Renae every airport in the world is on the look out for us....Do we look like terriostist's Renae????
Most of my family have bets running on how long it takes me to lose my cool with the Super Uncle! Lets just say, that they are on a sure thing :)
The flight felt like one of the longest I have ever been on....What with Stephen giving me a running commentry every 5 mins on our speed/location etc and watching him trying to adjust the time on his watch for like an hr...........anyway, all I can say is thank god for beer and the high volume on my head phones.....