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kelstar’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Apr 2008

Location: Hong Kong- Chengdu, China

MapAfter 1 night staying at a Ritzy Hotel on mainland Hong Kong, it was again time again to get back up in the sky. Back to the airport for a flight to Chengdu. It feels like we have been living in the skies, eating only plane food for months, the last 2 days, i have had a constant headache....
The entire journey so far has seen Stephen gushing in awe of everything he sees- from high rises, traffic, planes and of course his "honey's" - the women! Its kind of embassing until I realise that I probably was once like that years ago (except for the women) maybe I have become to immune to the new sights and have become to expect these things. In any case, I have resolved to fix this and to see everything through new eyes......
The smog hits Stephen as soon as we arrive into Chengdu. Population is like 15 million, alot larger than i thought, but this town is really growing on me.....At our hostel we learn that Tibet is still closed! Major disappointment, this was my only real reason for the trip, but there is always next time!! We are actually staying in the old tibetian quarter, so we are surrounded by tibetains, monks, amazing smells and sounds........our first dinner here, we tried Yak Meat.....mmmm not bad!