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kelstar’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 Apr 2008

Location: China

MapOur days in Chengdu have been quite lazy.....Stephen is not coping too well with the smog/pollution. Apart from not seeing too far into the distance, it is not affecting me. We have visited a few temples, markets and drunk a lot (and I mean alot) of tea in the traditional tea houses that line the temples.
In the Wenshu Temple, I had abit of a spiritual moment.....I decided to lite several incense and have a few prayers towards the buddist temple...felt very surreal, until I was interrupted by a group who couldnt stop staring and wanting me to pose in their photos....I didnt really have this problem the last time I was in China, but everywhere I go, its like I'm alittle celeb...they don't really pay attention to Stephen, i think he blends in more with his skin colour.....after the temple, we waited like an hour for a taxi (peak time) so in the end we decided to walk home....5 kms later lol (and we all laughed when Stephen said he was bringing his gps.- wouldnt have made it home without it). Loads of beer followed that walk...Stephen actually gets more bearable after a few beers....
We have done the hot pot dinner thingo. For those who don't know, its when you have a gas stove on your table and order rare meats and vegies and you have to cook it yourself....loads of fun last time I was here with the boys, not so this time!!!! too long a story for this one....