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kelstar’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Location: Xian, China

MapAfter a sleepless night (several aftershocks, some quite large- one huge one woke us up about 0430am), we decided to get up extra early to get to the airport. Many people actually were sleeping in the street or in the park across the street. Not too much traffic this morning, people are still very fearfull there will be another earthquake... I wasn't scared (yesterday, I had goose bumps for about an hour), only abit worried about being inside. The buildings over here aren't really structurally sound, looks like they would topple over in a breath of wind....Our flight departed at 10am, however there were no phone lines to check if the airport had re-opened as it was closed yesterday. We headed out anyway, into utter chaos at the airport, standing room only, thousands of people trying to get out of the city. We lined up with everyone and being China of course, no one believes in lines, so there was alot of pushing and shoving- so when in Rome......finally checked in 5 mins before our flight need to rush though, after boarding we were told we didnt have clearance as they were leaving the airspace free for the army and emergency planes etc.....After a very very long 5 hours of waiting within the plane, (thank god for my ipod) we were airbourne. 90mins later we were in Xian......staying within the old city wallls, very impressive, saw our first blue sky today! very exciting.....