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Steph’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2008

Location: London, England

MapWell we arrived in London on Tuesday morning to a chilly spring temperature of 2 degrees at 5:30am and hopped straight on the train to meet Stephs friend Barney at her work. It was the first time we had to carry our backpacks for an extended period of time and Steph knew straight away that there was no way she was lugging this Big Bertha around Europe! So that evening Steph shed about 1kg of weight from her pack - great move!

Anyway after a quick freshen up at Barneys place we let loose in London and did a bit of sightseeing. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, St James Park and Buckingham Palace were just a few of the touristy sights we visited. The best thing though was the weather - it was sunny almost all day! In the afternoon the jet lag was really starting to kick in but we fought the urge to sleep and actually made it through to 9pm before Steph fell asleep mid sentence and enough was enough!