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Steph’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Apr 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

MapSo after great weather in London we were in for a bit of shock when we arrived in Berlin to rainy and very cold weather! We had a slight obstacle to overcome before we left London though - we got locked in at Barneys house! Long story but we were the last to leave Barneys place in the morning and we had planned just to pull the door behind us when we left. It turns out that you need a key to open one of locks even when you are inside the house, which we didnt have. So after an emergency call to Barney, she had to come all the way home from work to let us out! Thanks again Barnes! So after that we were in a bit of a rush to make our flight. Needless to say we made it and are now living it up in Berlin.

We arrived yesterday and it really is an amazing city. We went on a free walking tour today which was great - a wonderful way to learn about the history and see the sights up close. Saw the Brandenburg Gate, the remains of the wall, the Jewish Memorial, the old Luftwaffe headquarters, the Concert Hall, lots of cathedrals, Checkpoint Charlie and Bebel Platz where they burned the books during the Nazi regime. So much history it is amazing.

Steph has been taking the opportunity to speak a little German, with mixed success. It has been almost 8 years since she spoke German so needless to say it is very rusty! Anyway the owner of the hotel where we are staying says my Deutsch is sehr gut (I think he means for an Australian!). I even spoke to the lady in the travel centre today and ordered our rail pass in German and she understood me and I understood her - very surprising!