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Steph’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008

Location: Hamburg, Germany

MapSo we have had two lovely days in Hamburg with Nicola (Steph´s friend who also came and stayed with the Brims family in Australia). It was so good to see Nicola again and it was great to have someone who could take us around the city. Hamburg is really a beautiful city with so much going on.

On the first day we took a harbour cruise on the Elbe river and it was a sunny day so we could really experience the best of Hamburg. The boat even took us into the shipping area of the harbour where all the big container boats dock and load and unload their cargo. Apparently the area is the size of the country of Monaco, so there are a lot of boats and containers to see!

Nicola then took us to the centre of the city through the shopping mall area and then around to the Alster River for a walk through the park there. The parks are so beautiful at the moment because all the flowers are blooming.

The next day we took a bus trip in a double decker bus around Hamburg. It was great because the first day we saw Hamburg from the river and then Hamburg by road. A particular highlight of the trip was the residential area right near the Alster River where a lot of consulates are and also lots of expensive and very grand houses, owned by some very wealthy Germans, including Michael Stich the tennis player. Matt and I decided we would like to buy a house in the area - we better start saving!

That evening we met some of Nicola´s friends at a bar in the Sternchanze area of Hamburg. It was so nice to meet Phillip, Stefan und Anita and we stayed at the bar until they turned the lights on as a hint to hurry up and go home.

We had such a great time in Hamburg and we will definitely come back again!