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Steph’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Apr 2008

Location: Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

MapThe first day we arrived in Rothenburg there were so many tourists and after quiet Bacharach it was quite a shock. Today there were not as many tourists, which made it easier to explore the town. We started back in the main square again, where we went inside the town hall, where we climbed up a lot of steps to get to the top of the main tower, which got steeper and steeper, eventually becoming almost like a ladder! Once we got to the top though, we had the most amazing 360 degree view of the town and the surrounding valley. The guards would have been able to see anyone coming from ages away!

Once we made it down the stairs, we headed around to the gardens, where the castle used to be. It wasn't really used that much, and in fact most of the stones from the castle were used to start building the walls. The gardens were really nice, lots of flowers and very relaxing. We were tempted to just sit for a while - but we had to see more.

We went outside the walls, and walked down a steep path to the village below the town, called Detwang. There were a few houses there, and a little tower, built in 1388, which was used by that boozing Mayor from the Master Draught as a resort. It wasn't open for visitors, so we just looked around a little, then struggled back up the hill to Rothenburg - what a mission!

After a quick afternoon snooze, we headed out for a Schneeball (snow ball), which is a sweet treat in the shape of a ball, made out of little bits of dough. After refuelling, we walked down to the southern end of town, to the biggest fortification, called the Spitalbastei. It was huge, with a dry moat and cannons up in the walls. It was very dark in the walls, especially as some dark clouds were coming in. It started to rain, and our run of amazing weather was broken - oh no! We went home while it was raining, and then because it didn't last too long, we went out for an early dinner. We finally had some salad with our dinner in Rothenburg, which was really nice change from wurst and potato.