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Steph’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 May 2008

Location: Munich, Germany

MapWell we have really been enjoying our time in Munich. Yesterday we made the trip out to Fussen, about two hours south of Munich, to visit the castle Neuschwanstein. The castle was built under the guidance of King Ludwig II. The castle was unfortunately never finished because the king actually died whilst it was only partly finished. King Ludwig was quite an interesting character and had grand plans of constructing a number of grand castles. He was deemed to be officially mad after a medical examination and two days later was found dead along with his psychologist. Very mysterious circumstances and no one really knows how or why he died - but there are theories....

Neuschwanstein, whilst it´s not the most intersting castle to look at inside is definitely located in the most amazing part of Bavaria, with snow capped mountains just behind the castle and the Alpen See, a lake, at the base of the hill.

Today we ran a few errands and did some booking of accommodation and research for Itlay because we leave for Venice tomorrow. We had to visit the Hofbrauhaus and have a beer there though before we left. Matt had a litre stein of Hofbrau brew and Steph had a 400ml stein of Weinschorle - red wine with a bit of mineral water (she was very glad there was mineral water in there rather than straight wine!) It was a great way to top off our visit to Munich and if we had more time we would definitely take a trip back to the Englisher Gartens and more beer gardens! They have such a relaxed and happy atmosphere - for obvious reasons!