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Steph’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 May 2008

Location: Venice, Italy

MapOk so where aer we up to? Well we left Munich on 3 May, and took the train to Venice. We travelled through some absolutely stunning scenery - through the forests of Bavaria and then through the snow capped Alps.

Venice is a great city but absolutely full of tourists - as you would exist. We took a trip up the canals on the Vaporetto - water taxis - but we have also enjoyed just walking everywhere through the narrow streets. We avoided the overpriced gondolas!

At Venice we have had our first experience with Italian restaurants and cafes. The price on the menu outside is just the start and you usually need to factor in a cover chage per person plus a service charge - and in one place - an exta charge on the meals for sitting down. Needless to stay we thought it might be best for our budget if we stick to takeaway pizza slices. Matt seemed pretty happy with that idea too!

I also discovered the Bellini - a champagne cocktail made with peach puree - in Venice. I must say I am quite partial to the odd Bellini.

What else did we get up to? We saw the Rialto Bridge, San Marco Square - a lot of walking and eating gelati that is for sure. The best time to walk around Venice is at night - there are still heaps of people but if you go down the streets off the main drag it is so quiet and deserted. We spent a lot of time looking at the lights on the water. We also took a day trip out to Lido - an island about 2km from the main San Marco island. It is like a beach resort in summer but was virtually deserted when we went. Still some very nice houses and hotels there. We unfotunately didnt have time to take the trip to Murano - the island where they make the famous Murano glass - maybe next time...