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Steph’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Location: Sorrento, Italy

MapWe have to apologise for the serious lack of blogging! Just to explain Internet cafes are disgustingly expensive and what time we do spend there we seem to always be looking for accommodation because we are still finalising accommodation. Anyway we are all booked up now except for Paris - probably the one we will struggle with but there you go.

Ok so where were we? Ah yes, Sorrento. Well we arrived in Sorrento and immediately felt relaxed and on holiday. After our accommodation woes in Florence we had a lovely place in Sorrento, which was a relief! Sorrento is situated in a beautiful pqrt of Italy, just on the corner of the Amalfi coast and the famous isle of Capri is just off shore. The city looks over the bay, with amazing rocky cliffs leading down to the water - there are plenty of ritzy hotels with some pretty sweet views!

We hit the gelati hard in Sorrento as well as the lemon granitas. The region near Sorrento is famed for its lemons so there is lemon-related goodies everywhere. They even have lemon trees and ornage trees growing down the main street - I was tempted to pick some because the trees were laden with fruit.

Also near to Sorrento is Pompeii, so we paid the site a visit. I didn't realise the ruins were so big. The city was huge and it is amazing how well preserved everything is because of the ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The next day, we swapped the relics of Pompeii for the splendour of Capri. After a short 20 min ride on a hydrofoil we arrived and took a trip in a tiny bus up the winding road to Anacapri. The bus went so fast and the road zigzags like a snake all the way up the hill - it was quite nerve wracking at times! The view from Anacapri was amazing and we went on a chairlift for even better views. Unfortunately bad weather came in while we were there but it was still lovely.

We loved our time in Sorrento. It is full of Brits though, so we were just one of many tourists!