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Steph’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

MapWell Cinque Terre was a world away from the city life of Rome! It, has some of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of coastline we have ever seen!

We actually decided to camp in Cinque Terre. We arrived at the Deiva Marina train station where we were told we could call a shuttle bus to the campsite as it was quite a walk. We called and called and called for about half an hour and couldn't get through to the camp. So we gave up and with our heavily laden packs walked to the site. All in all it took about an hour, which may not seem too bad, but with our huge packs we struggled. We finally arrived and were shown to our tent, which was pretty luxurious a small house tent with just enough room for two fold out single beds. Not exactly roughing it! We loved camping the first night, it was so quiet and peacful. The following two nights were not so good as some noisy Americans and Australians arrived as did the rain! Anyway it was still a fun experience!

Other than camping what did we do in Cinque Terre? The area is comprised of five small towns all located on the edge of rocky cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean and you can walk through the national park from village to village. We did all of the walks except for one and it was so beautiful, with rough stone paths hugging the cliffs they are only wide enough for one or two people and you have to hug the cliff to let people pass you, otherwise over you go into the ocean below! We started with the two most difficult walks, and with about half of the walk involving climbing up rock steps, it was quite a work out. We had planned to have a swim after the walk but lousy weather deterred us from the chilly waters!

The towns are quaint and old with brightly coloured buildings, with vineyards and lemon trees on the hills behind. We actually saw what we think is an ostrich in the creek bed at Devia Marina - not sure how many wild ostriches there are in Italy but there you go!