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Steph’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Location: Aix en Provence, France

MapLocated in the heart of Provence, north of Marseille, Aix en Provence is a great little city. Unfortunately we didn't get to experience as much of it as we would have liked because we had to get our CVs finished and had to spend part of one day doing that. The other problem was we were there on a Sunday, which means in France that almost everything is closed. Not to worry though because we walked the main tree-lined street, had a beer and wine in one of the street cafes, then wound our way through the narrow lanes of the old quarter. You might have noticed that most cities we visit have an old quarter!

Aix en Provence is known as a city of fountains, as there is a fountain around every corner! Most are covered in moss which is interesting.

With a bit of bad weather we decided it was the ideal opportunity to head to the cinema and see Indiana Joes - I had been driving Matt crazy singing the theme song every time we saw an advertisement or poster for the movie, so we had to see it at some stage! Luckily for us they actually subtitled the movie instead of the usual European practice of dubbing, so we could understand every word! I must say though that Matt is getting pretty proficient in French - well he can order for us at cafes and restaurants and get train tickets!