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Steph’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Location: Montpellier, France

MapWe had an interesting time in Montpellier - started off not so well but we ended up loving the city! We thought we had ourselves a bargain when we booked our hotel over the internet, but when we arrived we soon realised the bargain was probably a fair price for the hotel! We only ended up staying the one night instead of the three planned. Let's just say the seedy neighbourhood, grubby bathrooms with plumbing that didn't quite work, paper thin walls and bed bugs were a little too much for a three night stay.

Unfortunately we spent half of our first full day in Montpellier looking for another hotel to stay in and luck wasn't on our side. There was a huge convention in the city and all accommodation was booked up for the next few days. We were fortunate to find a room in a great hotel in the old quarter of the city for one night so we decided to go to Carcassonne - our next stop - one day early because it was too difficult to find anywhere else to stay in Montpellier.

After we switched hotels we could relax and discover the city and what better way than on the ultra-touristy Le Petit Train - a tourist train ride around the city. The old quarter of Montpellier is beautiful with lots of classical-style private mansions, quiet squares, and antique shops (Mum take note!). On our last morning we walked through the Arc de Triomphe - a small version of the one in Paris, then strolled through the Chateau Peyrou and the gardens there.