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Steph’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jun 2008

Location: Saint Malo, France

MapWow that actually gets us up to date to where we are - finally - in Saint Malo! It is a walled seaside city in north west France and all who visit should be warned about the psycho seagulls! Now seagulls in Europe are not your little seagulls in Australia, they are much bigger and I dare say smarter! We were sitting in a park overlooking the ocean on our first morning in Saint Malo, enjoying a croissant, and a seagull flew up and stood in front of us eyeing our food. We ignored it and kept eating until it got closer and closer, then it made a swoop for my head, which I covered with my hands and croissant. It took half the croissant right out of my hand! A bit freaked out we made a hasty exit, only to be swooped on again byt the same seagull, who ahd a go at my head again!

Being a Hitchcock fan, it was a little too reminiscent of the film The Birds for my liking - it all started when a seagull swooped Tippi Hedren! Other than the seagulls, Saint Malo is a great town and we have discovered the wonderful cider and crepes and have been eating and drinking plenty! Yesterday we went to Mont St Michel - a fortified abbey located on a rocky island on the ocean. Even from ages away it stands out on the horizon like pointy triangular formation. As one of France's top tourist atttractions it was packed with tourists, but we had a great tour through the abbey on the pinacle on the island, with great views over the ocean and salt flats.

Today we took a walk along the Grand Plage - the big beach, which amazingly was quite similar to the beaches we know in Australia - real sand, not stones, and waves. It is a beautiful beach and a lovely sunny day, but nowhere near warm enough for a swim unfortunately - I am wearing a jumper and scarf!

The Euro 2008 soccer starts tonight, which is a big deal for every country in Europe, so we plan to watch the soccer in a pub drinking cider, but we may skip the crepes after three consecutive nights of crepes! Sorry that was a long entry!