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Steph’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Jun 2008

Location: Paris, France

MapWell it has been a long time coming and we hope we didn't leave too many of you on the edge of your seats, wondering how our European Extravaganza ends in Paris. It's now approximately two and half months since we finished our tour and arrived in London. Unfortunately London life seems to have taken over and what with trying to find jobs, a place to live and dealing with all the bureacratic hum drum of settling in the UK, we forgot all about updating our blog.

So with all the excuses over, let's get on with Paris.... With five nights in Paris, we thought we had plenty of time to explore all the sights. We could easily have spent another five nights there and still not seen everything we wanted to.

Along with the thousands of other tourists in Paris we took in the usual suspects of sights including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Seine, Notre Dam, Champe D'Elyse, Jardin Tuleries, and a very quick walk around Montmartre - the list goes on. The Eiffel Tower apparently tops the list of the most disappointing tourist attractions, but we actually thought it was pretty cool. The view is amazing even if you only glimpse it through the fencing.

We of course couldn't miss the Louvre and even though we spent half a day there, we only caught a glimpse of most works of art and towards the end it felt like we were running through the museum just to see everything. Mona Lisa - tick, Venus di Milo - tick, hundreds of other amazing paintings and artifacts - tick.

Perhaps the highlight of our Paris experience was the Chateau Versaille. By the time we arrived in Paris we had seen our fair share of chateaus and impressive castles and palaces, but Versaille is in a class of its own - other than the palace itself, which is all gold, mirrors, marble and paintings, the gardens are spectacular. We took a row in a boat on the man-made lake, with Matt doing most of the rowing, then walked to Marie Antoinette's hamlet.

While we were in Paris, we became regulars of a local bar in the Latin Quarter, where we drank Martini and watched the soccer almost every night. We were quite sad to leave as the bartender would always say hello to us. He was perhaps one of the very few friendly Parisiens we encountered though!

So that's it. Our tour of Europe had finished and we headed off to London on the Eurostar train. We had such a wonderful time travelling around but we both couldn't wait to settle down in one place and stop packing and unpacking our backpacks and lugging them around everywhere!