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D'an'Di’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Oct 2007

Location: Victoria, Australia

MapFriday morning & overcast. We would probably get wet.
The first task was getting our gear onto the bikes. Pretty straightforward with the Suzi & the saddlebags but a completely different kettle of fish with the Speed Triple. These bikes aren't made with the traveller in mind. Much swearing & sweating over tying the bag on securely.
By the time we got going, later than was probably ideal, but about what I expected, the odds of us getting wet were much shorter.
As our journey was going to take us up the east coast with most of our time to be spent in northern New South Wales & South East Queensland, we didn't want to take our heavy wet weather gear with us. We were also trying to keep luggage to a minimum as practice for the big OS adventure.
Riding across western Victoria was as we predicted. Unpleasant. No offence to the Victorians, but this is a piece of country we can probably all do without. Flat & exposed to the elements, it will at the very least provide you with strong winds. On this occasion we were also lucky enough to be hit by sleeting hail.
A little west of Mortlake, we pulled over to don our ineffective wet weather gear. Shower jackets, (really meant for walking in a light shower) & thin plastic pants of the type worn by goal umpires at country football games. Still it was better than nothing, almost!
We spent the night in Geelong, looking forward to watching a weekend of racing at Phillip Island.

Saturday morning & we realised that the packing method we had used the previous day with Dave's bike, wasn't going to work again. The straps had started to fray & were unlikely to last the remainder of the trip. Luckily we were able to fit Dave's gear to my bike, although it did make me look like the packhorse.

As usual the Island provided us with another great weekend. We have been every year for a few years now & have always camped. On this trip we stayed in a house with a large group of friends. We got more sleep than usual, but it wasn't quite the same as staying at the track. Especially when it came time to leave after the race on Sunday. It took ages just to get to the car park across the road, let alone getting out of there.