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D'an'Di’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008

Location: Kent, UK

MapIt's been a few days since the last entry so I thought I'd better update you all as to where we're at now.
With regards to Dave's leg, the story changes each time a different doctor walks into the room. Fortunately the stories are improving.
At the moment he is still in hospital, the one in Hastings, & will be there for another day or two. He is continuing on with iv antibiotics for another 24 hours & will then go onto more oral antibiotics. The hope is that the infection will be wiped out & that this will hopefully also remove the need for further surgery.
It's still a big unknown but things are looking more promising now than they did even as recently as Monday.
Assuming all the stars line up appropriately, the travel insurers have just told me they have us booked on a flight on the 28th. Here's hoping.
Will try to get some more shots for the blog soon. Not a lot of fun sightseeing on your own, so I haven't really bothered.
Staying in a really lovely place at the moment in a converted stable. Not sure what the next stop will be as it depends on when Dave gets out, but hopefully we will spend another couple of days in London before we leave.