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D'an'Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jun 2008

Location: Kent, UK

MapThe situation remains almost unchanged since the last entry, Dave in hospital - me visiting.
Our return date is currently the 1st of July, but this could just as easily change again.
When the travel insurers contacted me last week, saying they had us booked onto a flight on the 28th, what they really meant was that they had a seat for Dave & at that point I was still booked onto an earlier flight. I was a bit alarmed by this to say the least!
There was no other seats available on this flight unless I paid for the upgrade so they had to rebook us onto a later flight. I think if we don't make this one, we may be stuck here for even longer due to the summer holiday rush.
On a positive note, the leg appears to be stable with the infection, although still present, certainly no worse. I think it looks better but it could also be wishful thinking.
Although I felt guilty doing it, I headed off for a little sightseeing & got a few photos to add to the list.
The latest word on our bikes is that mine is ready to go & Dave's is waiting on the stickers for the tank & then it too can be finished off. I'm heading for Dagenham this afternoon, which is where the repairers are located, to have a look at them. I think it's about 50 miles from here & mostly involves driving along the motorway.
If we escape the clutches of Hastings Hospital we will head for the north & hopefully get a quick look at where Dave's parents are from & my grandparents.