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D'an'Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Jun 2008

Location: Hastings, UK

MapWe're now staying at The Premier Hotel on the Old Kent Road in London, counting down the days until we fly home. This is Dave writing this entry. I was released from Conquest Hospital in Hastings, Sussex on Wednesday 25/6 after 13 days in the Cookson Devas (trauma) ward. Once again the people of the NHS demonstrated in their care, kindness and senses of humour that the citizens of the UK (and accident-prone foreign tourists!) are lucky to have such great quality service. From hospital attendants through health care assistants, nurses, doctors, everyone - thank you all. And I sincerely hope I don't have to cross your path again on this trip...
I've got a plastic shopping bag full of exotic medications designed to stabilise my leg enough to get Di & I back to Mount Gambier. The specialist at Conquest has contacted the local orthopedic surgeon at home and I'm to be admitted to the hospital on my return so he can take over the nurturing to recovery of my troublesome and unco-operative limb.
We have a departure date of this coming Thursday 3 July from Heathrow. Scheduled arrival is early Saturday morning Melbourne time, a night in Melbourne then home to our family via Rex flight on sunday morning. Fingers crossed.
The night I ended up in conquest, Friday 13 June (spooky date...) we'd arrived in Rye, Sussex and bought our tickets to a gig by Circulus for that night. That was why we were there. It was after buying the tickets that we realised my next stop was going to be the hospital A & E, not a gig, so that was that.
I didn't get to see any of the accommadation we'd booked. Di tells me it was very pleasant. She proved herself to be a a gem to me by spending hours every day with a very out-of-it partner dribbling disconnected sentences and moaning about his leg. Incoherent and cranky - somes up my persona at the time.
Our first act was to head for 'Sudden Impact' in Essex to check out our motorcycles. They've done a great job on them - they look fab. We recommend them highly for crash repairs and/or custom paintwork to all bikers visiting the UK. And in person they're lovely bubbly people. The person we dealt with most was Carol - worth her weight in gold. She took over communications once it became clear we weren't getting a lot of sense out of Carole Nash, the insurance brokers. We were disappointed with Carol Nash's comunication, but the repairs were done well and on time, so in that sense they did what they were paid to do.
Sudden Impact even organised to deliver the bikes to Imorex at Felixtowe. We're also very happy with Julie's service to us - cheerful and efficient. And thanks to Dave Milligan of Get Routed who contacted us with his best wishes and to assure us he'd make sure our bikes get home. We can recommend Dave to get your bike across the ocean on time and undamaged.