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D'an'Di’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Jul 2008

Location: London, UK

MapWe've spent yesterday and today sightseeing. We woke up this morning to a complete absence of street noise. Turns out there's been a fatal stabbing overnight on the footpath a few doors down from the motel which is an all too common news item in London. Anyway some poor bugger in his 30s was killed and the area around our motel has been cordoned off most of the night and all day so far - its about 3.25 pm now. When we left this morning we had our names taken so we could get back in through the police lines. When we got back at about 1.30 pm the cop who dealt with us this morning remembered us and let us through. So we wobbled along the footpath to our motel door and a different cop trotted across the road and asked us to get lost immediately. So we had to point out cop number 1 to cop number 2 or we would have been in strife trying to get to the motel. Very minor inconvenience compared to the tragedy of a murder of course. All the businesses on this small block of the Old Kent Road are closed except the motel, which is very very quiet - new guests can't get through the cordon to check in. Some of the folks trying to argue their way through the police cordon have been getting the teensiest bit tense when denied access.
All the way back along the road from the city there were police cars and bikes blasting along with sirens and lights going, heading to and from here, so there's got to be something going on in this immediate vicinity. There's sirens going now as I type, and helicopters overhead.
We're heading out late this afternoon to see the musical "We Will Rock You" in the West End. Mo and Terry strongly recommended we go to a live show in London and they reckon this one's a hoot. Looking forward to it. We'll grab an early dinner in the area and make the most of the experience.