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Skeeta’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 May 2008

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

MapWell we made it after a bit of a squishy flight. We watched so many movies and listened to alot of music. The kids got toys and colouring books with some pencils. The highlight for Zach and Lil were the many movies they could choose. Zach watched The Bee movie and played some games and Lil watched Enchanted and they both watched bits of many movies as they couldn't choose from the 60 or so movies. Our trip to Singapore Lil missed out on the kids meal as another parent hadn't organised for one and it was given to that child before it was our turn. Well they over compensated and Lil got a cool back pack and some more toys. It is 7am now and we have to wait 7hours before check in to our hotel so we will see what the restaurant is like. Hopefully they will let us in with our scraggy looking clothes that we have been wearing now for too long and in this 30 degree heat we are desperate to change.