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Skeeta’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Location: Kent, UK

MapThe Dubai to London flight was not too exciting. I was very sick and the kids were incredibly irritable. Lil was so annoyed about sitting in a squished seat with not too many options for movies she slept most of the way. Zach was spoilt and had some lemonade and lollies out of his very cool kids meal. He played many cool games with the remote control/phone. Sime had to email my sister as he couldn't remember if he had given her our itinerery so he had a bit of frustration trying to work out how to use the touch screen with his bigger hands and tiny screen. I tell you the flights attendants feed you so much on each flight we couldn't eat everything on the trays. Dubai was wonderful. Very hot and humid but really good. We took a tour which took us to a Mosk and many other beautiful buildings very big and full of character. Dubai for a woman is a bit intimidating although I felt a safe without any of the local men looking at me and only saying hello if I had said hello and I was with Simon. The kids were like an attraction in themselves for the locals. Seeing two western fair haired beautiful children was an instant pleasure for everyone. The kids were constantly being spoken to, there hair stroked and they had there faces squeezed gentley quite a few times. They had everyone ask them there names and how old they were and where they were from. They were told so many times how gorgeous they are, so they certainly don't have any doubt in there minds as to weather or not they are beautiful. Lil is always very shy with people that she has just met but you all know Zach he will talk the ears off anyone. Well as you could imagine Zach answered most of Lillis questions but, by the end of our stay (which was only 36hrs) she was answering them all herself. We took many pictures and I am looking forward to finding the best ones to shw everyone. In Dubai after waiting 5 or so hours in the lobby for our hotel room we were taken up to this one bedroom 3 bed two bathroom room to get out of our incredibly sweaty clothes to have a nap. We were so incredibly tired from our 16 hour flight there that we slept for a couple of hours and woke with enough time to get organised for our tour. We met with a large bus full of people from many different countries. Some people spoke to you and others kept to themselves. Zach made friends with many people that couldn't resist his charm. We went to a spice souk (market) and a gold souk they were wonderful, although we were a little dissapointed that we only had 10mins at the spice souk and 45mins at the gold souk. Sime and I could have spent hours at each. We had been driving around most of the time until we took these quaint boats from one side of there salt water river to the other side to get to the souks. The boats had a bench for us to sit on, no sides, a canvas top with absolutely no protection I tell you I'm sure there is no health and saftey there at all. The boats were really fun, Zach and I joked about falling in and then we saw a man fall in it was very funny. The man was on another boat and he was a worker so I am not that mean to laugh. The men were laughing there butts off especially when they saw us laughing too. At the souks you almost don't have a chance to walk into a shop before someone is almost dragging you into them. Oh and bartering is an essential way of life in Dubai. They acctually ask you what you want to pay for things. So we bout a pair of Prada sunnys and D&G sunnys for around $30 Aus or 100 drh. We also bought the kids an outfit that you saw on every local child there for about $25 each with hat and scarf. Lil also bought herself a pair of shoes that I bargained down to about $7.50 for the pair. It was an excellent experience to see a new way of life that is incredibly different to our safe everyday lifestyle. I love that we have given our kids this experience. It is such an experience for me too. It keeps you grounded and not a shallow person. Well bye for now until next time.