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Emma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Aug 2008

Location: Kiyunga, Uganda

MapAnd just an update on the boys, (one of the main reasons I went back to Uganda)....

They moved from their old village where they'd been living in a house but paying no rent. The landlord told them to move by the end of July. So their mother, Nagawa, found a room in the village where their land is. The village is called Kalagi. They have a very small room, it's about 2.5m x 4m and there are 3 boys and Nagawa living in it with all their belongings. There is no electricity and Nagawa said when you light a candle you have to be careful that the mosquito nets don't catch on fire because the room is so small! The rent for the room is 10,000shillings/ month. Their old landlord gave them the rent for 1 month then they'll have to find the money for rent after that.

The boys cleared their land and during school holidays the boys will have to dig foundations so that they can start building their 1 room house. This will also be a very small room, but at least it's a beginning and it's on their own land. They can add onto it later. I gave Josephus the money for safe-keeping and he will pay the builders as the work is done. He'll help organise the construction.

From Kalagi it takes 1 1/2 hours to walk to school one way. And school starts early in Uganda and finishes late (8am - 5pm), then when they get home the kids are supposed to do homework plus chores. I gave them a small amount of money to buy a bike so that they can ride to school. The 3 of them will all go on the one bike.

Nagawa said they don't know anyone in Kalagi yet and they have no friends there, but they will need to make friends because that's how they will get food to eat until they have a place to grow their own food.

I text them now and then but they rarely have money to buy phone credit to reply to me, but they enjoy receiving my messages. Kisakye will go to the internet when he can but now it's even further away from where they live so the transport will cost a lot for them. When he gets to the internet Dan always lets him use it for free and often buys him lunch as well. So he just needs to be able to get there.

That's about all I think. At night I sometimes remember more things about Uganda that I should have written, but then once I'm here at the internet I forget!

Here in Zanzibar I don't get called mzungu so much, I get called Italiano! All the time 'tuto bene' 'ciao' 'como esta' or on the mini bus 'hey italiano, where you want to go?'.. makes a nice change from mzungu anyway. Many of the locals here have learnt Italian and Spanish to communicate with the tourists.

My friend Kinsey, who is working with the Peace Corp in Uganda for 2 years, is coming to Zanzibar in a week so I'll see her here which will be nice.

Bye again

Tena baadae mzungus