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Rudi & Janes Travels’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Location: Brissie to Miriam Vale, Australia

MapGot away around 7am on a very cool crisp morning. Traffic on the motorway was good. First stop was the Ettamogah Pub on the Sunshine Coast. Had brekkie there & a few piccies. Continued on to Gympie where we fuelled up then went on to Childers where we met Pat & Hoppy for lunch. Caught up with all the Adelaide news then headed north for our resting place for the night, Miriam Vale. The Mirriam Vale Motel was clean, comfy, basic & reasonably priced ($60 double). Fuel was priced roughly at $1.65 most stops throughout the day. The RT's craved BP 98 & this sometimes was hard to fnd so had to settle for other unleaded premiums. We had dinner at the Miriam Vale Pub, great meal, reasonably priced & very friendly staff. Slept well with minimal road traffic noise.