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Troy and Shae’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Location: Australia

MapMy call for suggestions and ideas about what not to miss had the desired effect. Most people I know have been overseas, particularly to Europe, and I am such a nervous novice. I wanted some insights...

Tegan suggested a strip club while in Paris...How will that go down with Shae?? Well...Dinah was simply elegant in her suggestions: 'You dope! Itís your bloody holiday. As if I give a shit about where you are going or what you will do! Iím NOT having a wonderful trip to gay Paris.'
From Dean - The only advice I have was:
1 - I know you guys have it all set out but I reckon the best travel you can do is venturing into the unknown. I have made itineries in the past and you kinda know your trip before you get there. So yeh, if you have any spare days leave 'em blank and venture somewhere. Your gana have a sic time none the less.
2 - Make sure we catch up. Always good seeing mates os.

I am a little OCD, and Shae has a mild case of paranoia about the whole trip. You see the wedding was her little job, project. This trip is mine. I've had to be a little over prepared to reassure Shae. Really if she wasn't prepared to travel with me I would be backpacking through South East Asia, India, Chile, Eastern Europe...