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Troy and Shae’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jun 2008

Location: Lake Resthaven, Australia

MapI promise you German beer, Austrian cakes, going fast on the Autobahn, German sausages ... and two more countries to see on your trip....How could I say no to my friend Nora??
Nora is unqiue. One of the smartest people- book smart, street smart, whatever way you look at it- I know. One of the last times I saw her we drunk beer in my bedroom and walked up to a bald little hill and laid on the road looking at the stars. Even though the trickle of neatly handwritten letters with soft sugary gum dried up I have still pestered Nora via email about my big plans to travel to Europe.

Nora and I meet about ten years ago, she was an exchange student from Germany, I was a highly unsuccessful school captain. We had agreed to meet in London this year. Just recently I got an email from Nora with a polite and delightful proposal...
I was at the station today. There are still cheap offers available which means 88 Euros return Paris - Munich.
Here is my idea: I could by the tickets for you (because it is a German offer) and give them to you in London. You will be in Paris again the 19th? Catch the train 7:30 arriving at Munich at half past two in the afternoon. We will meet there and explore Munich together. In the evening we take the local train to Passau. You stay the night here at my place with a beautiful view on Passau cathedral. Sunday we will have a look at Passau and the sourroundings. Monday we will drive to Salzburg in Austria together and look at where Mozart was born and see the Alps (2 h drive from here). From ther you catch the train to Munich (1h) and back to Paris ... (or Su Salzburg /Mo Passau)'

I've been intrigued by Europe, but Germany in particular. I guess the stories of fighting two world wars against the country might have excited me as a kid, but meeting Nora fixed my idea of Germany as a place I needed to visit and consider myself. Now I will be and I can not wait...