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Sarah and Shelby’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Jun 2008

Location: Lindau, Germany

MapHello everyone! Sorry about the delay in putting up an entry but it's finally here! We flew out of Dublin this morning (way way too early) into Friedrichshafen Germany, where two of my (Sarah)'s cousins picked us up and drove us back to Lindau. Anyways I guess we can fill you in on what we have been up to in Dublin! We stayed the first two nights in Dun Laoghaire as we said in the last entry, and it was a gorgeous little area about 20 min away from city centre of Dublin (by train..which took a while for Shelby and I to actually understand how to use it haha). It was situated right on the harbor, and it was a really nice relaxing place to walk around and get away from the busy city. We were lucky enough to get surprised by my two friends who live in Dublin that I met in Scotland last summer, they came into Dun Laoghaire and we had such a fun time hanging out with them. And..get this, we went to a pub in Dun Laoghaire (same place mentioned in P.s. I Love You) and the song 'Galway Girl' played in the pub (same song played in the pub in Dun Laoghaire in the movie)! Shelby and I got SO excited haha. After two days in Dun Laoghaire we moved to a new hostel in Dublin's city centre. Dublin was absolutely amazing, it felt like we were living there. We spent a lot of time just walking around the city and hanging out with the irish boys. We visited a few of the gorgeous parks in the city..had a bit of an adventure at Phoenix Park on Shelby's birthday. So the guys took us there to walk around, and I saw a tree that had an 'S' spray painted on it, and for reasons which I'm not even sure of, I decided we should all go hug the tree (long inside joke from our Scotland tour..I swear I'm not THAT weird). So me in my genius-ness runs out to the tree (wearing a skirt), running through tall grassy stuff, and everyone follows (Shelby in shorts). Halfway in, we feel a strange burning sensation on our legs...rather than turning around, Sarah keeps truckin' it..and everyone keeps following! Once we got to a clearing in the forest, we look down and our legs our covered in these sick bumps that burned so bad and itched like mad. Then Shelby had a few not so nice words to say to me..but I suppose I kind of deserved it. I mean, I didn't force them to follow me! Not completely my fault! Luckily the bumps sort of went a few days later...and Shelby is still my friend. All in all, a pretty eventful birthday for her haha. The next day we visited St Stephen's Green, a gorgeous little oasis right off of Grafton Street (very posh shopping area). Here we saw some ducks, or as we have now been brainwashed into pronouncing them 'dooks' which is the "right way" to pronounce it apparently. Anyways I think Shelby and I have learned our lesson to keep regular diary entries instead of writing a novel like this one every time! (In addition, I have also learned not to run out into random forests with tall grass while wearing a skirt. Shelby has also learned not to always follow me without thinking first). I'd say this is turning out to be a very educational trip! Anyways hope everything is going well back home, we are missing you all and love hearing those messages from you! Next time we write it will be more on Germany!
Love Sarah and Shel
P.S. (not I Love You)--please pardon any spelling errors..this keyboard here is very strange.