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Sarah and Shelby’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008

Location: Lindau, Germany

MapHey guys! We've been in Lindau for almost a week now, staying in Sarah's cousins flat (which by the way offers a sweet view of Austria and Switzerland). Our second day here Benny and Dominik took us for a nice walk out to Lindau Island which is full of history..and really nice buildings. We got to go up the top of a lighthouse (after many stairs..) and got a sweet view of the lake that separates Germany, Switzerland and Austria (and the Alps!) So gorgeous here. Saturday we visited one side of Sarah's family, where they made us an amazing lunch of good! After stuffing ourselves, Ute, Nadine and Benny took us on a walk around their area where we saw the most amazing mansions! Even got to see a bit of Hugo Boss' house here! After this, we drove about 15 min to Bregenz, Austria where we took a gondola up to the top of a mountain! We uploaded two albums of pictures that Nadine was so kind to take for us! The next day we headed over to visit Sarah's other family for another incredible lunch! Again after stuffing ourselves silly with ridiculously good food, Horst and Petra took us on a lovely little walk around their area, getting great views of their beautiful town. Monday Benny and Dominik took us to Friedrichshafen (where we flew into..about 20 min away) where we walked around the town for a bit, and climbed 9 flights of very shaky stairs getting to a lookout point offering great views of the lake! Tuesday was a (surprisingly) fun filled day of cleaning haha and not much else..Can't forget watching soccer every night here as well! Love it! Anyways we'll be in Lindau a couple more days, traveling to Munich tomorrow, and then after that I think we'll be heading up to Berlin, then we'll head on down to Italy where we'll be doing a tour, then..wait for it...we'll be heading to Spain! Yes, we know..we're indecisive about changing our trip but we finally figured out a way to make it work, so Spain here we come! Anyways hope everyone is still doing well at home, we love hearing from you guys! Love and miss you all
Love Sarah and Shelby