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Sarah and Shelby’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jun 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

MapHey everyone! So I kind of lied..technically we are in Croatia right now, but we thought we would update you on our last days in Germany! So after our last entry, Dominik and Benny took us to Munich for a day. We saw the English Gardens (where I--Sarah--almost got run over by a biker) where they allow horses and nudity..and luckily and unluckily for us, we saw both. So on Tuesday the 24th we woke up for the last time in Lindau and said our goodbyes and took the 8 hour train ride up to Berlin..after some confusion involving us sitting in first class..oops. The train troubles of course don't stop there, basically we got a bit lost in Berlin after realizing we had gotten off a train station too early than we intended..but we found our way and made it to our hostel where we stayed for the next two nights! Berlin was an interesting city, we did a walking tour yesterday which was very educational and amusing (thanks to Paul our tour funny!) but it was really great to learn and see all of this history. This morning we hopped on a flight that lead us into Split Croatia (yes..we did indeed change our itinerary again haha) where we will stay in a hostel for the next two nights, and then on Saturday we begin an 8 day Sailing Tour around the Islands in Croatia! Since we won't be able to get internet for a while we will talk to you all when it is over and we are heading to Spain! Hope everyone is doing well back home!
Love and miss you all
Love Sarah and Shelby