Emily’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Location: MAnji, Australia

MapWell since annie has gone been up to lots of things and been very busy. LAst weekend on the sunday me and william and the girls drove to Windy harbour so the kids could play on the beach and go for some walks. It was fun explring and we found this secluded hut thing that was very basic and basically open to anyone who wanted to stay funny there was a visiters book and people left comments, some people saying how scary it was and stuff cos its in the middle of thebush reminded me a little of bnlair witch..we didnt stay we kept on driving on this 4wd track trying to find this beach. We found the track to the beach and everything was going pretrty smoothly then william started to get a bit worried about the sand which seemded to be becoming very soft so he tryed to reverse to check that we wouldnt get stuck unfortunetly it was too late we wewre stuck and the wheels were just spinning oh dear! i thought. Eventually we deflated the tyres some more and got out..When we were safley out I said to william you didnt think we were gonna be stuck and have to walk 10 kil to find help did you? and he was like yep I had nearly given up. first I didnt believe him cos I think if papa had been in that situation there would have been a bit of ranting and raving going on and i would have realized we were in the shit but william is very relaxed and laid back and hadnt quite let on to me how much tropuble we would have been in. So later when we were in the pub having a meal he kept saying we would still be walking now and have about 4 hours to go, and when we were safly home we kept thinking thaynk god we are not still out on that track walking to find a ranger....Quite hard to explain that story as you might have realised but just writeing straight what is in my head it was a very eventful day though we never quite made it to the beach the kids ended up making sandcastles in the fork of the road on the sandy track, never mind they didnt seem to be bothered at all and really enjoyed it.
This week I have been taking tessa to kindi in the mornings and in the afternoon just relaxing with them going on wlks feeding the 15 horses, making the fire, cooking muffins etc. Today me and the firlks went to annies mothers house in bridgetown which was lovely we went to the park and had chickena and chips the kids loved it then I drove back just bnefore it got dark to feed the horses, they are all on differnet diets and eat different things so I did that which is fun because it is so differnt to what i usually do. anyway gotta go as neve is demanding that she wants a dogert (yogert) so better assit to her needs. ahhhhhh love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx