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Julie & Thomas’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Aug 2008

Location: UK

MapIt has been a while since our last entry.... we have been busy settling into Scottish life - getting used that thing called rain, trying to understand Glasweigan accents/slang and seeing men in kilts everyday. It has all been a very pleasant experience (well, maybe the rain is not such a novelty anymore) and it seems whereever we go we seem to meet fantastic locals.

Our jobs are going well and it looks like we will both be at the same places until November which will be perfect. Thomas is working for Calendonian University in accounts and Julie for McAlpine Plumbing (so if you need to know anything about traps & talk to someone else!). We are living with Sheila & Scott who are a lovely Scottish couple and of course Mel the sometimes naughty but gorgeous beagle.

We have been busy on the weekends exploring our surroundings and have the next month or so planned. The Edinburgh Festivals are on - headed there a few weekends ago to see 3 comedy acts which were good, good & pretty strange respectively. It is amazingly well set up and even with the huge crowds it was a great day out. Edinburgh itself is such a beautiful city and we can't wait to explore it more....once the festival crowds disappear.

Last weekend we headed to Oban which is a lovely fishing village north west of Glasgow. The train journey there was amazing travelling past Loch Lomond, castles & of our course the mountains. From Oban we caught the ferry to Isle of Mull and onwards to Iona which is the resting place of Macbeth and other Scottish Kings. Oban is famous for it's seafood and it didn't disappoint - we had the best fish n chips watching the sunset and had a couple of beers at the pub. Mingled with some friendly locals - on the way home Thomas declared he had only understood about 20% of the conversation. But he did a lot of nodding .......that accent can be really hard to follow at times. The next day we visited local castles and had more incredible seafood - mussels, crayfish & scallops.

Stay tuned.....