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Julie & Thomas’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Aug 2008

Location: Isle of Arran, Scotland

MapThis weekend was another ferry ride an hour away from Glasgow to the Isle of Arran. They call it 'mini Scotland' as it has a bit of everything - it's own whisky distillery, cheese, aromatics, castle and of course mountainous scenery. So we had a busy weekend.

We headed towards Lochranza and stayed in a great hostel - overlooking a loch and a great ruined 13th century castle down the road.

We did a hike up through the saddle of two mountains which gave great views through the valley and then across to Fyfe of Clyde. There are red deer and lots of black faced sheep about - we noticed the sheep were doing the 'mowing' on the local soccer pitch. The girls were later moved aside for the Saturday afternoon match though - we all could do with a one of those at home!

There was a storm that night - well it was probably just normal wind and rain to locals but seemed pretty vicious to us. So it was dinner and Scrabble - an early night.

The following day was just lovely - took a bus into Brodick which is the main town. The bandits were back - we hired some bikes for a couple of hours and toured the local sights before heading along the coast of the island...bit sore on Monday that is for sure!

So another great weekend with minimal rain - can we be lucky three times in a row???