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Julie & Thomas’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Sep 2008

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

MapWe popped over to Stockholm on Friday evening for a weekend getaway. Stockholm is very easy on the eye, for many reasons ;-) It is built on 14 islands, with lots of nice waterfront buildings, is extremely clean and well organised.

The weather was not so kind to us on Saturday - it rained pretty much all day. But Stockholm is well equipped with museums so it was all okay! We visited Skansen which is an open-air museum - it was really good. It has over a hundred examples of traditional Swedish houses & exhibits, a zoo with native Swedish animals (bears, moose, seals & of course reindeer) along a great interpretation of the native 'Sami' indigenious people of Scandanavia.

Also visited the National Museum - artworks etc, but it had a feature on Swedish furniture design. It felt like walking through an IKEA store but easier to get out of!!!

Went downtown to a cool little area for some Abro beers - caught some of the World Cup qualifier game Sweden vs Albania.

Sunday was a better weather - visited the Royal Palace which is still used to accommodate dignitaries & host events - 608 rooms makes it the largest royal palace in the world! There you go.... We were there for the changing of the guard....which includes a full marching band. Not a bad way to start your shift.

So we had a lovely time and are having a break at home in Glasgow for the next couple of weeks to recover from our busy schedule. We have Kerry & Geoff coming to visit after that and will be travelling to the Isle of Skye......