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Julie & Thomas’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Oct 2008

Location: Stirling & Isle of Skye, Scotland

MapWe visited Stirling a couple of weekends ago, which is a really nice town. The Old Town has some great architecture including of course Stirling Castle. The other great attraction is the National William Wallace Monument (think Braveheart) - which was the highlight.

Built in Stirling, as it is in the middle of Edinburgh & Glagow as they still squabbled back traces the history of Willie Wallace who won a famous battle with the English on Stirling Bridge (don't remember that from the movie though!!) Spread over about 4 or 5 levels you eventually reach the top of the monument, which has great views in all directions (which is why Stirling was so important to control).

We have also been on a 4 night trip up to the Highlands, with Kerry & Geoff which was fantastic. After leaving Glasgow, we followed Loch Lomond, through Glen Coe and up Loch Ness to Inverness. We spent a couple of nights on the Isle of Skye, which was just beautiful.

It is getting really cold here in Scotland (especially in the mornings!), so we are looking forward to taking off for the final leg of our travels in just over a week. So we have two and a half months of travel to go before we arrive back in Brisbane on Xmas day. We will try & keep planet ranger up to date on our adventures!!