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Rachel & Kieron’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Jul 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapAfter touching down in the land of smiles we were greeted by a less than smiling immigration officer. We left the terminal building in search for transport to the hotel and were knocked out by the heat! We had never been so hot and there wasn't a breath of wind. The air conditioned bus was very welcome and on the way to the hotel the heavens opened! We wondered (in our shorts and t-shirts) just how we were going to get off the bus and into the hotel without getting soaked. Kieron informed me that it was actually monsoon season and that we might have regular down pours during our visit. The bus dropped us off on the corner of the main road in Sukhumvit (the rain had stopped) and we felt a million miles away from Darlington. We were instantly faced with the sights, sounds and smells of Bangkok in all its glory (something that Rachel found quite upsetting - Dorothy was indeed a long way from home!) We walked through a street market selling Thai delicacies such as deep freid locusts, crickets, ducks tongues and chickens feet. Once at the hotel the atmosphere changed to one of calm and the temperature droppd by about 20 degrees thanks to the air-con. The hotel upgraded us to a honeymoon suite which was bigger than the ground floor of our house. After a quick shower and change we set about exploring all the excitement Bangkok had to offer (well, not quite all of it!) We started with a cold beer and a bite to eat (not chickens feet or fried insects) After the food (which was full of chilli and made Rachel cry) it was off through the busy night markets on our way to the Mambo Caberet. We soon happened upon an elephant walking down the street with a bicycle light attached to it's tail. Rachel wanted to feed it and then proceeded to squeal as it mauled her with it's trunk. The caberet show was a collection of Bangkok's finest lady boys performing a bizarre collection of hits from the last 50 years ending with a rather raunchy number from the Pussy Cat Dolls!! Walking back to the hotel we met some more local wildlife in the shape of cockroaces scattering across the pavements. Kieron was fine in his trainers but Rachel's bare toes caused more squealing. We finally made it back to the hotel in one piece for a much needed sleep after the night's fun and games.