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Rachel & Kieron’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Aug 2008

Location: Port Macquarie, Australia

MapWith all signs of the previous nights storm vanished we enjoyed pottering around pretty Port Macquarie in the glorious sunshine. We visited the old courthouse which was built in the 1800's and was the last remaining historic building in the town. We enjoyed a lunch of freshly caught fish and chips (Hoki, not Cod) on a bench over looking the sea. It was our first real look at the South Pacific Ocean and we were mesmerised by the sunlight dancing off the waves. We loaded up Skippy and set off for Coffs Harbour in our t-shirts and shorts. We passed the famous Freddo's pies on our way up the Pacific Highway so we stopped off and purchased dinner. We booked into a fantastic campsite in Coffs and had a brisk hour and a half walk on the beach - heaven! Then came the rain. Luckily we were back in the van so we warmed our pies up and Rachel did her famous 'falling asleep mid sentance' trick.