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Rachel & Kieron’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Aug 2008

Location: Coffs Harbour, Australia

MapSunshine! Hurray! After breakfast we wandered down to the marina and took in the glorious sight that Coffs had to offer. We kicked off our flip flops and had our first feel of sand and sea between our toes. We have never seen sea so blue and so clear. It really is amazing. The water was slightly warmer than Redcar (it is winter here) but it still wasn't warm enough for the triathletes to be swimmin about a mile off the shore. They didn't seem to mind but we left them to it and kept our speedo's under wraps for warmer climes. Nex stop was Grafton - a lovely little town with a street full of history and colonial buildings. We carried on to beautiful Ballina for an ice cream by the sea. Then it was up the Coastal Road through the amazing views at Lennox Head and on to Byron Bay. We got a campsite right by the ocean. It hasn't rained yet and we are chancing our arm for a night out. The relaxed hippy vibe here is nothing like anywhere else we have seen so we're off to enjoy it.