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Rachel & Kieron’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Aug 2008

Location: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

MapHad a fantastic night out last night and can understand why some people come here to visit and never actually leave (don't panic Gazette and Heathfield colleagues...we did manage to drag ourselves away!) We had a mesmerising stare at the ocean and beach, a quick shop resulting in purchases for Rachel and a much needed coffee for Kieron. Our stay in Byron Bay has been one of the highlights so far. The short drive to Bangalow resulted in another purchase and we now have a lovely ceramic bird to adorn our home. Another lovely town with a more mature and affluent vibe than Byron but no less relaxed. After our short stop in Bangalow it was off to the Nightcap National Park to take in some of the far north coast hinterland. We parked Skippy up and set off on the 4km return trip to see the Minyon Falls. The walk through the rainforest was fantastic despite a few steep climbs and the sun shining through the lush green canopy above us was simply amazing. All was going well until the path stopped and the only option was to start climbing the large rocks ahead of us. Had we read the description of the walk properly before we set off we would have been prepared to 'scramble over well worn rocks for the final 200m to the base of Minyon Falls'. The scramble was well worth the effort as the falls were breathtaking. Water plunges over 100m into a rainforest gorge surrounded by a flora reserve. We had to put all of out best rock climbing skills to work to navigate the rocks and view the falls from every angle but felt that we had seen the best they had to offer and left smiling. We drove on to Mullumbimby where Kieron declared he needed a beer after too many miles of steep winding road so we called into the RSL (Returned Services League) club for refreshment. These clubs are in every town and are absolute gems. The dress code stated no work apparel, sports apparel or rollers in your hair so we entered the bar with confidence. The club was like nothing else we had ever seen and featured lots of old guys and gals sipping beer and feeding slot machines. There was also greyhound racing on screens, Benny Hill re-runs on TV and a raffle for a BBQ. After our experiences here we set off for Tweed Heads, crossing the border for our first night in Queensland.