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Rachel & Kieron’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Aug 2008

Location: Australia Zoo, QLD, Australia

MapUp bright and early for a day at the famous Australia Zoo. We were picked up by the courtesy bus outside the RSL club (everything revolves around this place!) and made our way to the zoo. We did wonder about whether we should visit a zoo on our tight shedule but it's the home of the crocodile hunter so we thought we probably should. As it turns out we were so glad that we did as it was unlike any other zoo we had visited. The animals were free to roam in semi-natural habitats and the wildlife warrior message was loud and clear. We felt like we'd been well educated by the time it came to leave. Particular highlights were feeding kangaroos, petting koalas and seeing a cheetah being walked round the park on a lead! We've recommended it to everyone who's asked and getting the chance to see such big crocs up close was something else! After the excitement of the previous night it was salad on the beach as the sun went down.