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Rachel & Kieron’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Aug 2008

Location: Fraser Island, QLD, Australia

MapWe were collected bright and early by our Fraser Island guide, Jason, who had been brought out of retirement for our trip. With 11 of us in total we set off on our 4wd bus for 2 days on the worlds largest sand island. We will mention at this point that Rachel doesn't like sand. We took a ferry across to Fraser Island and started our drive up the main highway - 75 mile beach. It is recognised as a public highway despite the fact that it consists entirely of sand and looks just like a beach. We were soon to discover that there isn't any tarmac on the island and that we were to get everywhere on sand. The state of the roads varies depending on the weather and the tides but Jason informed us that we had good driving conditions as we set off bumping up the beach. Our first stop was Lake Wabby - a beautiful spot which is surrounded on 3 sides by eucalyptus forest and on the 4th by a massive sandblow. The sand is encroaching on the lake at a rate of about 3m a year and in about 20 years the lake will no longer exist. We saw some massive catfish swimmin in the beautiful blue water and dipped our toes in but it was a bit chilly for a swim. We returned to the bus to be met with a lovely lunch prepared by Jason who is a bit of a good cook on the side. He is also very eccentric and regaled us with loads of tales of the island in his own, unique style. Our next stop was Lake McKenzie which was even more picturesque than Lake Wabby. The Lake is surrounded by white sillicone sand which is 98% pure and was recommended as a great exfoliator. Kieron braved the water and had a good swim about in it. Rachel preferred to lay on her towel but did go in up to her knees inorder to benefit from the exfoliating qualities of the sand. A short drive from Lake McKenzie and we arrived at Central Station, the location of the old timber cutters camp in years gone by. We had a lovely walk through the rainforest and marvelled at the crystal clear waters of the creek. We were met by Jason who had boiled the billys for a cup of tea then it was on to our accommodation for the night. The Eurong beach resort offered a mexican buffet for dinner and real beds which, after 2 weeks in the back of a camper van is a luxury!