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Rachel & Kieron’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Aug 2008

Location: Fraser Island, QLD, Australia

MapAnother early start and we found ourselves walking in a landscape that resembled a desert. Fraser Island has been said to have more sand than the Sahara Desert and it's easy to believe when you see the miles of rolling dunes. We drank water from a creek and the boys scaled a massive dune only to race each other back down! We continued up the beach to see the Pinnacles, s section of coloured sand cliffs. There are said to be 23 different shades of sand in these cliffs and Jason gave us various scientific reasons for the colour variations in the sand. Next stop was the Maheno shipwreck, a luxury Australian cruise liner that served time in both World Wars before being bought by the Japanese for scrap. They were towing it from Melbourne back to Japan in 1935 when the anchor chain they were using as a tow rope snapped. After numerous futile attempts to re-float the boat they gave up and left her there. She's nothing but a rusty carcass now but the size of her is still impressive. Our last stop on the island was Indian Heads (named by Captain Cook) and we climbed the rocks to the highest point on the island. While we were up there we spotted some whales diving about in the water. They were amazing to watch and seemed to be enjoying themselves. We also had our eyes peeled for dolphins and tiger sharks but weren't lucky enough to see any. Back to the bus and Jason had created a lunch of sausages (snags) and fried onions - yummy! We drove all the way back down to the ferry and only just made it through some parts of the highway as the tide was coming in pretty quickly and Jason didn't want to naigate the smaller east/west roads. The journey was pretty uneventful until we spotted a dingo in the sand dunes. One of the Spanish boys on our tour was obsessed with seeing a dingo and the cry of 'dingo! dingo!' went up as he had his first sighting. We had a fantastic time on Fraser Island, met some really nice people and learnt a lot about how parts of this amazing country was founded. We set straight off for Bundaberg and arrived at our campsite in the dead of night.