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Jane’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Aug 2004

Location: Wasaga Beach, Canada

Wasaga Beach - longest freshwater beach in the world!!

So this goes down as by far the best time I have had in Canada so far!! Also helped that I returned home to Toronto with no injuries, no unforeseen loss of money and surprisingly no dramas.

So much too tell I don’t know where to start. Emily and I were working on Event Check-in where media, sponsers, invited industry, some pro athletes and retailers came to get their wristbands and accreditation to let them in the gates. So basically we got to check out everyone bar the public. And oh my god it was amazing how many good looking people could be in the one place!!

Every night we headed to “The Dard” where everyone wanted to get tickets to all the parties. Luckily being staff we had tickets to all the parties. The Dard is a nightclub overlooking the water which has an interesting policy regarding getting out onto the patio. You line up for up to an hour to get out there, whilst inside is likes a sauna. Allison told me I hadn’t been to Wakestock unless I had climbed out of the window to get on the patio. So Saturday night it was too much and out I climbed, luckily the eyes of the bouncer did not see me.

There were 40,000 visitors to Wasaga, it was crazily busy for the weekend. Even so that on Sunday The Beer Store completely sold out of beer.

Sunday was the best day by far, after a hectic Saturday working 14 hours standing in the sun dealing with irrational people telling us they knew someone, who knew someone. IE let us in for free. Then other complaints that wristbands had fallen off. My favourite by a guy in his late 30’s. “It was hurting me, I couldn’t sleep”. Too which I answered, “are you a man or a mouse!!”

So we started with a free massage (there for the pro-athletes) then went out on the media boat for a close up of the wakeboarding action. By 5pm we had packed up and headed to the Corrs Light beer stand, for a beer then back on the media boat for some close up action of the finals.

Sunday night was great at “The Dard” as all the public had left which left the staff and pro athletes. The party finished at 6am to most people’s amazement that they had spent a night partying with the pros. (They are treated like rock stars). But of course wherever you are on the globe you have to run into an Aussie. I hadn’t met any on the weekend!! A pro wakeboarding who came 2nd in the finals is from…. Wait for it…. Wagga Wagga. Don’t worry I went and introduced myself as a fellow NSW country person.

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