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Jane’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Jul 2004

Location: Georgian Bay, Canada

MapGeorgian Bay sailing

How have I lived in Sydney for nearly 8 years and never been sailing? Now I know why? It is hard, a bit scary, and you need to be strong. All qualities I donít possess. As a wise friend has since told me ďI donít do sailing unless I can hold a glass of champagneĒ. Right on I think.

I didnít really know what I was getting myself into when Allison said we were going sailing on the Georgian Bay. It ended up being 6 girls in a 20-foot sailing boat with it piled high with food and alcohol.

We sailed out of Collingwood Harbour, now donít think we are talking a small lake Georgian Bay covers over 15,000 square km. The waters can get as rough as the ocean. Saturday was great sailing, eating, drinking, sun baking (ok that was a little scary!!). About 8 hours later we were near our destination a native island where we intended to camp the night.

Then the lightening started, the sky got black & I had visions of getting very wet overnight camping. We anchored on a sheltered beach and were pleased to find another 30 odd boats there sheltering from the winds. We moved all our gear to the beach and Allison and I put our borrowed tent up to find the fly cover was missing. Oh great my Canadian curse was now following Allison as well. The storm came and by a minor miracle only lasted 20 minutes and was still warm so I swam in the bay. My first swim since leaving Australia.

We got our campfire going, cooked some food had some beers and managed to find a tarp for our tent. It was great to be outdoors sitting on the beach with a campfire watching the stars.

Sunday we set off, and with the wind behind us got up some great speed, we were sitting at a 45 degree angle to the water. No sun baking or drinks now. It is all hard work. Again about 2 hours from home the sky got dark and just as we scoffed our chicken Caesar wraps it started pouring. A sight for sour eyes, 6 girls with our raincoats on, towels covering our legs, huddled together freezing. All ok, we put the motor on and cruised home.

An awesome experience that I was lucky to be invited on. Wonít be entering the next Sydney to Hobart though.