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Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Jul 2008

Location: London, England

MapDay 1 - Canberra to London (via Sydney and San Francisco)

What a killer of a day! All up I've been traveling for 32 hours but it's all good as I'm finally in London! The day didn't start well when the plane I was supposed to leave Canberra on had a mechanical failure I only just managed to squeeze in on a later flight which meant I had a mad dash in Sydney to try and make my international connection.

Once in Sydney things started to look up. I managed to score an emergency exit seat for the 14 hour flight to San Fran and I got upgraded to Economy Plus From San Fran to London. Yay, 6 whole inches of extra leg room! The seat next to me was also vacant so I was able to spread myself out a bit and try and get some sleep. I say try, because it never happens. One of these days I'll learn and I'll actually buy some sleeping pills!

After arriving into London at 6:30 am, I'm desperate to stay up for the whole day so that I can try and beat jet lag so we'll see how long I can hold off for!! Photos will be coming soon!