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Michael’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Jul 2008

Location: London, England

MapDay 3 - London - Seeing the sights and catching up with mates.

After a bit of a sleep in I figured it was time to whip out the camera and get some snaps to prove that I am actually over here and not kicking back on the sofa in down town Canberra!

Armed with my trusty Oyster card I hit the tube to try and get some pics of the main touristy sights. I managed to get through most of the ones I wanted, starting at St Pauls Cathedral then heading to; the tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and finally to Trafalgar Square... all before lunch!

Having lived and spent a lot of time here in London there's not a lot that i haven't seen and done already. I did check out the London Transport Museum though, which turned out to be pretty cool! After doing my one real touristy thing for the day I figured I'd head to Regent and Oxford Streets to do some shopping. I am actually the worlds worst shopper so in typical Michael style I didn't buy anything... but I did mange to earmark heap of things for future purchase! Now I just better not run out of time!

In the evening I caught up with the XMRD crew which was awesome. We all worked together at tax and now Gary, Nige (& Leonie), Stubby, Ben and Leigh have all ended up here in London. It was great to catch up with the guys and see what they were up to. As it turns out even Ka Ho is now in London although he couldn't make it out to join us. All I can say is that tax's loss is most definitely London's gain as these guys are some of the brightest IT people going around.

After quite a few beers, cocktails, dinner and wine I was a very happy camper and woke up the next day feeling a little hung over. I knew I should have done more drinking training before I left!