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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jul 2008

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

MapDays 6-7-8 - Edinburgh... more from the worlds worst travel blogger!!

Having lived here in Ed two times before, there's really not a lot in terms of touristy stuff that I want to do. I figured I'd better head out and check to make sure everything is where I left it. There is a stack of construction going on here in Edinburgh. They are ripping up the roads to prepare for trams, new buildings are going up all over town and of course there is the ongoing restoration of buildings so there is scaffolding up everywhere.

So I've pretty much spent the last couple of days walking around town and taking snaps of some of the sights. I've now got some mad blisters on my feet at the moment to show for it though.

I promise my entries from Sweden will be much more exciting!